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2016 Winners ReFocus Achievement Award

2016 Winners

ReFocus Employment Achievement Award
Robert Lima

ReFocus is pleased to recognize Bobby Lima for the Employment Achievement Award for 2016.
Since Bobby’s first mention of wanting to work, he demonstrated a willingness to learn, and a real motivation to participate in the vocational process. Although his progression did not happen overnight, Bobby continued to seek out the supports and opportunities necessary for landing a job. He currently works, two to three days per week at BTS Tire & Service, in the inventory department; he says he loves his job.

What started as a job trial two years ago became a successful career choice for Bobby. Because he has always had a strong interest in cars, the auto shop was a great fit for his skills and interests. He was nervous initially, but he challenged himself to keep moving forward. Over time, Bobby learned so much about cars, and even attended a training at New England Tech to further his abilities in car service. He began doing tasks which included taking inventory of car parts, unloading tires, and keeping the garage neat and clean.
He was seen as such an asset to the business, that he was offered a permanent position on the team. At first, Bobby did not believe that the job offer was real. His supervisor, Tony, says that Bobby is a team player, has a great rapport with all the staff, and does fantastic work. Today, Bobby works at two BTS Tire and Service locations, and uses the extra money earned to attend sports events and other activities that he enjoys. We wish Bobby continued success at his job!

ReFocus Employment Achievement Award
Christopher Vecchia

ReFocus is thrilled to give Christopher Vecchia the 2016 Employment Achievement Award. Chris lives in an apartment in North Providence; he has been a part of the ReFocus Supportive Living Program for the past seventeen years.
Soon after beginning services at ReFocus, Chris was hired to be a receptionist in the ReFocus office. His road to successful employment was not an easy one. There were many ups and downs along the way. Despite the problems, Chris has successfully been able to keep his job all these years.
For the past year, Chris has held two part time jobs. He works at the ReFocus office and is also employed at Sensational Child as a data entry specialist. Chris is working with the E-Zone and takes a computer class, two days per week, in the community.
Christopher has worked very hard on this journey that has led to his successful employment. It has not always been easy, but Chris is willing to do the work he needs to do to be successful. Chris is willing to ask for help, thinks about things, and works hard to improve himself.
It is with great pleasure, and my honor, to award Christopher Vecchia this ReFocus Employment Achievement Award. Chris, we are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. We applaud your hard work and dedication. We wish you continued success in all that you do.