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1972    Founded as St. Charles Residence, Providence, one of the first group homes in RI

1978    Established Apartment Program, including assisted living units at Aaron Briggs Manor

1981    Incorporated as ReFocus, Inc.

1985    Opened Olney Arnold Residence, Cranston

1986    Opened Beechnut Drive Residence, Johnston

1986    Opened Cooke Drive Residence, North Scituate

1987    Opened Cumberland Street Residence, Providence

1988    Opened Bourne Avenue Residence, North Providence

1989    Opened East Side Residence, Providence

1989    Opened Parkside Avenue Residence, Pawtucket

1990    Initiated DCYF Parenting Program

1993    Developed Community Supportive Living Arrangement (CSLA)

1994    Developed Vocational Program

1994    Developed “Home of Our Own” to explore home ownership opportunities for clients

1995    Opened Sampson Avenue Residence, North Providence

1995    Opened Bellevue Place Residence, North Providence

1996    Opened new offices at 1228 Westminster Street, Providence

1999    Began Independent Living Program at 45 School Street, Johnston

2001    Expanded Independent Living Program at 12 Andover Street, Providence

2003    Opened Chestnut Hill Residence for Supportive Living, Cranston

2004    Opened School Street Residence, Johnston

2005    Opened Garden City Residence, Cranston

2009    Relocated offices to 45 Greeley Street, Providence

2009    Opened ReFocus Community Center at 45 Greeley Street, Providence

2011    Opened ReFocus Community Center at 1228 Westminster Street, Providence

2012    Established E-Zone Employment Training Program

2013    Introduced a new logo and communications initiative to promote our mission locally and nationally.

2015   Spelling of Agency name changed from Re-Focus, Inc. to ReFocus, Inc.

2016    Aaron Briggs Residence in Providence, closed.

2017    Sister Pat's Place at 31 Nahant Street, Providence - Day Services opened. 

2017    Re-naming and dedication of Gilbane Community Center at 45 Greeley Street.

2019    Cumberland Street Residence is closed.

2021    Self-Directed Service started