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Each year, since 1993, the ReFocus Administrative Team, professional staff and clients come together for a two-day, off-site Annual Agency Conference. Facilitated by experts in the field of developmental disabilities and organizational excellence, we focus, as one team, on developing strategies to improve the services and programs we offer to the folks, their families and other caretakers.

What makes our Annual Agency Conference unique is our Theme Teams, groups of employees who take on the added responsibility of improving how we function as an Agency and expanding the programs and services we offer to our clients and their families. Each Team sets specific goals, outlines steps to reach those goals and regularly reports on progress to our Administrative Team.

At ReFocus, we know the best suggestions for improving programs, services and how we work often come from those closest to the job at hand. Our Theme Team program has proven us right!  In the past, ReFocus Theme Teams have spearheaded many improvements in quality of life for the folks we serve. They have improved our internal communications. They have developed and expanded Community Center programs – and even played an important role in the acquisition of our first Community Center. The Dream Builders Team has been instrumental in increasing donations to ReFocus by more than 300% between 2007 and 2018

Mission Possible.

Mission Possible is on a mission to combine the ReFocus philosophy, mission and values with the unique abilities of all Agency employees. Through onboarding new staff, recognizing achievement and dedication, and engaging employees socially outside of work activities. 

InFocus Newsletter

Develop and publish an Agency newsletter four times throughout the year. 

Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

To help employees be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise by hosting seiminars and offering informative classes throughout the year. 

We Share Hope
Establish a strong team to help and assist with the We Share Hope pantry.

Dream Builders

Support all fundraising efforts and help raise community awareness. Through the Spring Fling, Annual Picnic and the Annual Auction & Gala, raise $125,000 in 2018 to support ReFocus programs.