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2016 Winner Lillian Lombardi “Live Your Best Life” Award

Florence Wilson

ReFocus is thrilled to give Florence Wilson the 2016 Lillian Lombardi Live Your Best Life Award. Like Lillian, Florence’s life has not always been an easy one. She has had to overcome many challenges in her life in order to reach her goals.
Florence lives in an apartment in North Providence, and has been a part of the ReFocus Supportive Living Program for the past twenty-one years. During the past year, Florence contracted a life threatening disease. She required immediate emergency surgery. After she recovered from her surgery, she went to a nursing home for a couple of months to heal and learn to take care of her wounds. She did everything that her medical team told her to do and was able to return to her apartment. However, unfortunately, several months later, she needed to go back to the hospital for a second surgery. Upon discharge from the hospital, Florence had to return to the nursing home. Once again, Florence did everything that she needed to do to get well and to return home. With a great deal of determination to getting herself well, she was able to return to her home, and is now in full recovery.
Florence is a lovely woman with a great sense of humor; she loves to joke around, and her favorite holiday is Halloween. A hard worker, strong minded and opinionated, she knows what she wants and will do what is necessary to reach her goals. She values her independence and is proud of all that she has accomplished in her life. We are also very proud of you, Florence! Keep up the good work!